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Mini Sparkling Rose non-alcoholic 200 ml

Non-alcoholic sparkling rose
Size: 200 ml
GOOD THINGS COME IN PAIRS - The light and balanced flavor of our sparkling wine makes a great pairing with most appetizers, grills, salads, and desserts. Treat yourself to a full course!
🥂 CALORIES? NO WORRIES - Removing the alcohol also meant reducing the calories our non-alcoholic drinks contain. 🥂 A THOUGHTFUL GIFT - Our non-alcoholic wine is perfect for expectant and breastfeeding moms who miss a fabulous glass of
sparkling rosé. Gift a bottle to your family, friends, or to yourself!

Mini Sparkling Rose non-alcoholic 200 ml

  • How is our wine produced?

    Our wine is made in Spain out of a grape called Tempranillo. It goes through the whole fermentation process as a regular wine, but with our wine we remove the alcohol at the end.

  • How much alcohol is in it?

    When you try it, it will be hard to believe that there is ZERO percent alcohol.


  • How many calories are in an average glass of wine?

    For the sparkling rose:is 110KJ / 26Kcal for every 100 ml
    For the Sparkling whiteis 79.5kj/ 18,7kcal for every 100 ml

  • When will my order ship?

    Orders placed by 10AM Eastern time Monday-Friday will ship the same day. This will change on holidays and we'll put a note on the top of the shopping cart page if we are closed for shipping or have a different cutoff time.

  • How long does standard shipping take?

    Average arrival time is 2 - 5 days with delivery confirmation.

    All orders ship from Miami, Florida via

Customer Reviews
4.9 Based on 17 Reviews
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Sara D.
Nonalcoholic wine

The first sip I thought was a little oaky which isn’t a flavor I favor but then it was fine. I really loved this wine. Was a great drink to have while pregnant. It’s great being able to have a nonalcoholic wine while pregnant. Will buy again.

Sarai J.
It's good... but!

I'm almost 20 weeks pregnant and have been desperately craving some dry, sparkling rose. As most of us know, it's okay to have an occasional glass of the real stuff, but there haven't been many opportunities for such. I tried a few different things. All of them were good, none tasted like wine. This tastes like WINE! It's great. However, it's a touch on the expensive side (I could get a real, decent bottle of wine for less). And the shipping is pretty high too. I'm sure this is all for good reason, but I hope y'all can get stocked somewhere (like BetterRhodes or Oasis Snacks) soon!

Jessica S.
Absolutely delicious!

Put this in a champagne flute ice cold and you'll never know the difference! These are so good! I plan to keep drinking this while breastfeeding as well as once my pregnancy is over. The rose is just as delicious as the regular. Love it

Christy F.
Tastes like real rose'!

Has the same crisp bite you'd get from a real rose'.

Kristy J.
So happy I can drink "wine" while pregnant!

I have been looking for non alcohol wine to enjoy while being pregnant. Nothing has tasted good and I have really had no luck. Once I found Badass mom I figured I would try it and it is delicious! It tastes like a regular dry rose and now I can enjoy a beverage with my husband!