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3 Fun Christmas Mocktails 2023

Get ready to jingle all the way into festive bliss with our three fun Christmas mocktails! Perfect for sipping at home or spicing up any holiday celebration, these mocktails are the secret to merry and bright moments.

Who says non-alcoholic sparkling wine can't join the festive party? These mocktails are here to prove that bubbly fun doesn't need a dash of alcohol. Whether you're the hostess with the mostess or just looking to treat yourself, these delightful concoctions are guaranteed to bring holiday cheer.

So, put on your Santa hat, turn up the Christmas tunes, and let's dive into the world of flavor-packed, alcohol-free merriment. Get ready to sleigh the holiday mocktail game with these three festive concoctions! Cheers to a season filled with joy, laughter, and delicious sips! 🎄🍹✨

Christmas Raspberry Champagne 

A sorbet of raspberry and non-alcoholic sparkling wine? Sure, yes! You’ll love this combination so much that will be your favorite drink during the holiday season.

Christmas Raspberry Champagne




  • Ensure that the Badass Mom Non-Alcoholic Sparkling RosĂ© is well chilled. Place it in the refrigerator for a few hours before making the sorbet.
  • Use an ice cream scoop to serve the raspberry ice cream in chilled glasses.
  • Pour Badass Mom Non-Alcoholic Sparkling RosĂ©.
  • Finally, indulge in the refreshing and flavorful Raspberry Champagne Sorbet. It's a perfect non-alcoholic treat for celebrations or any festive occasion.

Grinch Candy Cane Bubbles

Sip and savor the Grinch Candy Cane Bubbles Mocktail, appreciating the delightful combination of the non-alcoholic sparkling white and the sweet peppermint touch from the candy cane.

Grinch Candy Cane




  • Begin by crushing a candy cane into small pieces. Place the crushed candy cane on a flat plate
  • Take a glass and dampen the rim with water, or run a wet candy cane around it. Make sure the rim is slightly moist.
  • Dip the moistened rim into the crushed candy cane on the plate, coating it evenly. This will create a festive and sweet rim for your mocktail glass.
  • Pour Badass Mom Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White to the glass.
  • Add a whole candy cane to the mocktail as a festive garnish. You can also use it as a stirrer to infuse a hint of peppermint flavor into the drink.

Holy Cranberry Ice Cubes  Mocktail 

Immerse yourself in the joy of creating this delightful drink, where every sip is a celebration. Follow the simple directions below, and let the Holy Cranberry Ice Cubes Mocktail be your go-to non-alcoholic indulgence.

Elevate your mocktail experience with the enchanting flavors of our "Holy Cranberry Ice Cubes Mocktail.

Holy Cranberries Ice Cubes




  • Start by filling an ice cube tray with water. Drop a few fresh cranberries and small sprigs of rosemary into each compartment of the tray. Place it in the freezer until the water is completely frozen. These infused ice cubes will add a burst of flavor to your mocktail without diluting it.
  • In a glass, pour Badass Mom Non-Alcoholic Sparkling RosĂ© and finally, place some ice cubes
  • Enjoy.



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