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About Us

Moms are fearless, bad ass women who dedicate their lives to raising little ones. It can be hectic, stressful, and of course, fun.

Most moms would not trade their experience raising kids for the world! Being pregnant often mean a little chaos and of course, cravings.

I’m Angelica and when I was pregnant, I craved a glass of rosé. So, I went in search of the non-alcoholic wine and was disappointed with what I found. Most zero-alcohol wines tasted awful and nothing like the real thing.

 That’s where the idea behind Badass Mom Wine came from – my quest to make a non-alcohol wine with real taste, bold flavors and safe for pregnant mothers to drink. From that desire, Bad Ass Mom Wine was born! We are the go-to zero-alcohol wine brand offering everyone from pregnant moms to breastfeeding mothers a sparkling, guilt-free glass of rosé for a reasonable price.


It’s perfect for moms who want to take a wine break, raise a glass to celebrate or relax after a hard day. No more missing out on social occasions because you can’t drink!

Our zero-alcohol wine has been so successful that we’ve expanded the brand to include gin! That’s right moms, you can have a zero-alcohol gin and tonic without worry. Give BadAss Mom brand wine or gin a try today! You’ll be happy you did.