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  • How is our wine produced?

    First Our European winemakers start with a good quality bulk wine, which will be later on under the dealcoholisation process.

    Then the wine goes through the alcohol-removal process with the latest and best technology, we gently remove the alcohol while preserving the delicate flavors aroma, and body characteristics of ordinary wine

    The result is a de-alcoholized wine that tastes just like the real thing.

    That's really badass!!

     Is this 0.0% alcohol?

    When you try it, it will be hard to believe that it is 0.0% percent alcohol but it is!

    How many calories are in an average glass of wine?

    For the sparkling rose:is 110KJ / 26Kcal for every 100 ml

    For the Sparkling whiteis 79.5kj/ 18,7kcal for every 100 ml

    When will my order ship?

    Orders placed by 10AM Eastern time Monday-Friday will ship the same day. This will change on holidays and we'll put a note on the top of the shopping cart page if we are closed for shipping or have a different cutoff time.

    How long does standard shipping take?

    Average arrival time is 2 - 5 days with delivery confirmation.

    All orders ship from Miami, Florida via