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3 Fun Valentine’s Day Mocktails

 On Valentine’s Day, sip on love with these 3 awesome mocktails. 

We promise you are going to fall in love with them. They are easy to do and fun! And if you are still looking for more inspiration, download our free Valentine’s Day e-book 

Badass Sparkling Cotton Candy 

Get her what she really wants. 


Badass sparkling cotton candy




  1. Rim a wine glass with pink frosting.
  2. Fill the glass with cotton candy. 
  3. Pour 200 ml Badass Mom Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White 
  4. Garnish with a strawberry.



Badass Sparkling Watermelon Love 

Pour some love into your glass! 

We all know you would do something like this for your kids, so why not do something nice for you today? 

 Badass Sparkling Watermelon Love




  1. With a piece of Watermelon, make a heart.
  2. Pour 200 ml Badass Mom Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White.
  3. Garnish with the Sandia heart.

Badass Sparkling Candy Rosé

The ultimate love language.



Badass Sparkling Candy Rose 



  1. Decorate the wine glass with as many sweetheart candies as you want. 
  2. Pour some Badass MomNon-Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé. 
  3. Enjoy! 

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