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Badass Mom In Forbes!

This blog post is to share how proud  we are,  to be listed out as one of the best zero- proof wines by Forbes

This is only possible thanks to you! For believing in our product. 


As seen in Forbes Badass Mom Wine Non-Alcoholic Wine


This was a pregnancy craving, for a glass of wine, especially  during celebrations and dinners where some  friends were drinking their favorite rosé, and the market options of non-alcoholic wines  for pregnant women tasted like grape juice and still have a low alcohol percentage. 

A Non-Alcoholic wine that goes through the whole fermentation process of regular  wine, where the alcohol is removed at the very end. 

A drink we are proud to  share with all the pregnant women who don’t want to be left out in celebrations and have one sip at a time! Who said pregnancy can be fun, too?

''It's feels like a fun addition for the non-drinkers at any party'' - Forbes 

Check out the Forbes article where we are mention!  


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