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How is a Non Alcoholic Wine made? 


Everyone that gets to know our Badassmom wine asks us the same, How is the process of making non alcoholic wine? How is that possible? Does it taste like the real deal or is it grape juice in a beautiful bottle? 

Well, the answer is yes, it tastes like the real deal! The process to make wine is more than to have fermented grapes in a vineyard. In fact, making a non alcoholic wine goes through a similar process like regular wine. 

How wine is made 

How non alcoholic wine is made 2

First, grapes are harvested from the vineyard, then picked and sorted to determine their acidity or sweetness to see which kind of wine they are going to go to. After that, they are categorized between good and the ones that have already passed the date. 

Then they go through a long mechanical process for quality. The grapes for red wine and white wine get different treatments. For the red wine which is the one, we use for our rose version, the grapes are left in contact with their skin to have more flavor and color. On the other hand, for white wines like ours sparkling white, the grapes are rapidly crushed to separate the juice from the skins and solids. 

Fermentation Process 

how non alcoholic wine is made 3

The next step is the fermentation process. It can take 6 to 12 hours while the juice ferments and it lasts until the sugar is converted into alcohol, that is when our process of non alcoholic wine starts. 

That it can be done in two ways: 

Distillation and Filtration 

How non alcoholic wine is made 4



Vacuum Distillation, the process of distilling the alcohol of wine through steam. Evaporates the wine with the use of a vacuum chamber.

Filtration or Reverse Osmosis is the process where high pressure is used where the wine and the water can be filtered out until the wine gets to concentrate and finally the water is added. 

Both processes have been used in recent years, nevertheless, vacuum distillation is not practiced praise since during the process the characteristic smell of the wine disappears while in the filtration process this does not occur and is the most effective tool use nowadays because it secures the real taste for a non alcoholic wine. 

So as you can see it's a deep process that does not have anything to do with grape juice. 


Did you know-how is non alcoholic wine is made? 





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