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How to Host A Holiday Brunch Party 


The holiday season it’s here,  a time to share with our families and be thankful for them. 

If you are looking for some ideas to host a holiday brunch party you have come to the right place. 

Here we share some ideas for pulling it without stress. 

Prepared Ahead 

When you think of a brunch immediately comes to your mind the food you are going to eat! Make sure to have a mix of savory and sweet foods. 

We suggest having breakfast casseroles and egg bakes or something different like a harm and cheese brunch bake.  If you don’t want to cook, don’t worry, you could also set up a toast to your bagel station with bakery bagels. 

How to host a holiday brunch

Don’t Forget the Drinks 

A brunch without drinks is not a proper brunch we suggest trying mocktails with any of our non alcoholic wines or our non alcoholic gin  and if you need recipes don’t forget to check this blog post about easy recipes we have made.  

5 Fun Non Alcoholic Cocktails To Sip All Fall 

how to host a holiday brunch mocktails non alcoholic wine

Let your imagination fly with the decoration

Even if you are planning a brunch for your closest friend, get inspired in the decoration, try to personalize each item for them. You can request personalized bottles like the ones we offer. 

how to host a holiday brunch non alcoholic wine

For the table, try to have a lot of colors and flowers.

how to host a holiday brunch non alcoholic wine

Check all the day before 

The day before make sure to have your checklist ready, where you’ll have written the most important items.

Don’t forget to clean the house this day. 

There is no better way to feel comfortable the next day when you have all set up and done. 

how to host a holiday brunch checklist

Have fun 

The brunch day, have fun. The point of having brunch is to enjoy a time with your friends and family. Don’t be always in the kitchen or stressed if things aren’t going according to plan. 

Your friends and family will be comfortable if they see you also comfortable and happy.


how to host a brunch non alcoholic wine


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