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Long holiday weekends usually mean we have more time to hang out and soak some sunlight while celebrating with friends. As MOMS, that time is now a lot more reduced, but we can still take advantage of this holidays to start the summer season, invite some friends and to honor those who served in the U.S. military. Memorial Day is a good time to get out of town or celebrate in your own backyard. Here are some ideas to celebrate this special day!. FARMER'S MARKET THEME CELEBRATION This season is the return of many Farmer's Markets, there're a lot of fresh Fruits, Veggies and flowers which you can use for party theme. Use it as decoration and include it in Puches, Salads, Cocktails and Snacks!.Ā  FRUIT FILLED ICED CUBES Take advantage of the seasonal fruits and make some refreshing fruit filled ice cubes, this will enhance your beverages and will be perfect for the coming weather!. Just chop off you favorite fruits and putĀ them into your ice cubes before letting them in the fridge, add some mint leaves to elevate the flavours. NON ALCOHOLIC PUNCHĀ  A party without punch is not quite complete, and even if you are pregnant you shouldn't be toasting with grape juice, you deserve a lot better!.Ā  HereĀ“s how you can make a NON ALCOHOLIC Punch that can actually satisfy your guests and yourself!.Ā  You would need: Our NON ALCOHOLIC Badass-GIN (4 oz.), Our NON ALCOHOLIC Sparkling RosĆ© (6 oz.) ,Fresh FruitsĀ ,Grape Juice (14 oz) , And a lot of ice. YOU BRING IT, WE GRILL ITĀ  This is a grate initiative to make a big grill party in a low budget, you can use your backyard and ask each guest to bring theirĀ favorite grilling itemĀ or a somethingĀ  to share. This way, everyone will save a lot of money and still have a great menu!.