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5 Fun Ideas To Celebrate Mother’s Day 


We know one day a year is not enough to honor the most important person in our lives like our Moms, but Mother’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to show gratitude for her.  We have selected some fun ideas you can do to celebrate. 

1.Cook a Family Recipe 

Every family has a unique recipe that gets passed down from generation to generation, honor your mom or a mom-to-be doing this, as the special Grandma Lasagna. 

Family Recipe Mothers Day



2.Spa Day only for her 

Buy all the special treatments she loves and give her a spa day at home. She will love you for taking care of her.

Spa Day Mothers Day



3.Let’s have brunch 

Honor spring season by throwing a brunch party with her favorite food. Don’t forget to bring some Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White or Rosé with real taste and 0.0% alcohol, we are sure everybody will love it. 


Brunch Mothers Day


4.Plan a Getaway 

Small towns around the city are a great plan to visit during weekends, filled with unique activities and amazing food, a moment to share with your loved ones and make some beautiful memories.  




5.Have a Wine Tasting Night

Finally! Gather with her favorite people and do a wine tasting night with the best Non-Alcoholic Wine. You can check out our recipes here, we are 100% sure both of you won’t forget this amazing night. 


Wine Tasting Mothers Day

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