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How To Celebrate 4th Of July With Toddlers


July 4th is almost here. It’s time to celebrate Independence Day, this patriotic holiday.

We make a list of 5 fun ways to celebrate with your toddlers.  From bbq with family to watching the fireworks, there’s no time to waste on America’s birthday 


1. Gather With Family In The Backyard

If you are not a fan of crowds on the 4th, make a traditional meeting with your family and the kids in the backyard, cook some bbq for them and add some spark to your holiday celebration with a firework display. 

BBq 4th july


2. Go Camping

Plan an outside activity, this always feels like it’s an adventure. Use the holiday to go outside and wake up early for a sunrise hike, if you are really going to camp. Or just do it in your backyard. It can also be exciting for your kids to use their imaginations. 

Camping 4th july


3. Make Homemade Popsicles 

Cool off this typically very hot holiday with some home activities for the younger ones like creating homemade popsicles. I’m sure they will love to do it. 

 popsicles homemade 4th july

4. Waterpark At Home

I believe this is going to be the activity your kids will love. Create a waterpark in your own backyard. They will be entertained for hours by playing there. 

 waterpark backyard 4th july


5. Hot Dog Eating Contest 

One food that represents the 4th of July is hot dogs. What a fun and adventurous way to do it is a hot dog eating competition, or if it’s risky for the consequences ( people getting sick after that)  try a hot dog taste test. 

hot dog eating contest 4th july

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