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How to get a breast pump through insurance 2023

A breast pump is an essential tool for all breastfeeding moms. Not only does it help to stimulate milk production, but it's also a lifesaver for working moms who need to be away from their babies during the day.

Thankfully, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) now provides free breast pumps and supplies to all new moms through their insurance. So if you're a new mom and you're wondering how you can get your free breast pump, simply check here.


The Breastfeeding Benefits provide new and expecting mothers with:

 How to get a breast pump through insurance


-Pre-natal support and counseling by a trained provider to help you prepare for breastfeeding before giving birth.

-Post-natal support and counseling by a trained provider for the duration of breastfeeding, to help you with any difficulties or questions that may arise.

-The option to rent or purchase breastfeeding equipment, like a breast pump, to make breastfeeding easier and more convenient for you.


Finally, reach out to your insurance company for more information.

 How to get a breast pump through insurance



Regarding insurance companies that cover lactation services, there are no standard guidelines. The best way to get specific details about your coverage is to call your insurance company.

Insurance companies are required to share up-to-date information about who is in their plan networks, like breastfeeding counseling providers. If they don't have a lactation provider, they must allow you to obtain the services from out of network without cost.



Breastfeeding Benefits: Understanding Your Coverage Under the Affordable Care ActNational Women’s Law Center. Accessed 08/3/2023

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