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Third Trimester Must-Haves

You are so close to finally meeting your little one! In no time, you'll have your baby in your arms, and while you wait, why not check out these must-haves?


Pelvic Support Band  

This provides relief if you are suffering of back pain. You’ll see heaven with this 

 Pelvic support pregnancy must haves



You can find it here



Compression Socks 


Your feet are swollen most of the time, making it difficult and painful to walk around. Consider buying some compression socks to help with the swelling. You will feel much better and have more mobility.

 Compression Socks pregnancy Must haves



You can find it here


Nursing Pads 


During the 3rd some things you realize is that you start to leak so our recommendation for that Mama.


Nursing pads pregnancy must-haves



You can find it here



Bad Ass Mom Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine 


Finally, and certainly not the least important, is a drink made for moms by a mom. Our sparkling wine has a real taste and 0.0% alcohol, so you can have a sip (or two!) without feeling guilty about it.

 Bad Ass Mom Non-Alcoholic Sparkling wine


 You can try our bubbles here 

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