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Badassmom for moms by moms

When I was pregnant I felt disappointed there wasn't a non-alcoholic wine that tasted like the real thing.

I didn't find the appropriate community either where I could share my thoughts about my pregnancy and the struggles of it.

So one day, after weeks of looking for the right alcohol-free wine l decided that I would contact vineyards directly around the world (this is how bad my craving was), and bingo! I found an experienced vineyard in Europe with great-tasting non-alcoholic wines for you, for me, and for every badass mom!

They were so good that I wanted to share with all the new moms who felt the same as I felt,  and I started to think about a community to share this. 

 What better way to chat with someone about anything with a glass of wine in your hand, right?

I didn't realize so many pregnant women felt as I felt about being left out in celebrations and without a community.

I learned anything is possible and we always can see for each other!

What a journey...

I'd love to hear from you abou this . Have you felt left out because you are/were pregnant? 


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