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Welcome to Badass Mom

Hi, my name is Angelica and I want to welcome you to our Badass Mom community. 

For many years I had dreamed of having a meaningful business where I could inspire and grow with other women.

This started as my pregnancy craving, just having a glass of wine with my friends, not feeling left out in social celebrations, and treating myself.

 I'm doing this because everything that I found in the market tasted really bad, like grape juice and I was looking for a non-alcoholic wine that would taste like the real thing! 

I couldn't find anything good, so I took it as a personal mission to create a non-alcohol wine for moms to celebrate every stage of motherhood!

I talked with dozens of vineyards around the world until I found the right non-alcoholic wine, the one that you'll love and make you wonder if it was better than the real one!

Now 2 years later, as a first-time mom and now mompreneur, this wine is just a way to celebrate you as the real Badass Mom you already are! 

BE part of the Moment,

HAVE A SIP Guilt-free,

ENJOY Yourself today,


As you are becoming the best version of yourself as a Badass Mom.

For now, I’d love to get your feedback. Have you felt left out because you are pregnant? Have you felt like you missed your life before becoming a mom? 



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