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10 Summer Baby Shower Themes

Are you looking for fun ideas to have a memorable baby shower this summer? 

If you are hosting a baby shower this summer you have come to the perfect blog post.

Here we have the 10 best summer baby shower themes to have more fun and exciting experience for everyone. 

Make your memories unforgettable and let’s celebrate your baby is coming! 

1. Tropical Baby Shower 

A casual and relaxing baby shower with a tropical theme. 

Get some mocktails with our Badass Mom Wine like Virgin Cucumber Gimlet or a Badass Sunset. Plan also a table with mini pineapples and potted palms for decoration 


Tropical Baby Shower Theme






2. Ice Cream Baby Shower

If you are a mommy that loves ice cream, this is the theme for you. You can have an ice cream station where people will taste all the sundaes flavors you can imagine. Finally, get an ice cream cake to add more fun to it. 

Ice Cream Baby Shower





3. Mermaid Baby Shower 

Summer is sea-related parties if you ask me. What better idea than having a little fantasy for a baby shower? 

Have some corals and shells on the table and of course mermaids in all the decoration. 



Mermaid Baby Shower Theme





4. Picnic Baby Shower 

For a relaxing and intimate afternoon make this a theme with a comfy sitting setup and picnic baskets in the decoration. 

Picnic Baby Shower Theme




5. Live Music Baby Shower 

If you cannot live without music in your life, what better idea than do it as a baby shower theme? Who knows, maybe this baby will love the music as much as you do!! 

Place a cozy setup outside and let people choose some festival music to get comfy. 

Live Music Baby Shower Theme





6. Barbeque  Baby Shower 

The ultimate and classical theme for a baby shower on an open space, where you can have non-alcoholic drinks like our Badass Mom Wine Non-alcoholic Sparkling Rosé and White. 

BBQ Baby Shower Theme





7. Nautical Baby Shower 

If you are a  fan of the sun and the sea this is the theme for you!  The ideal welcome for your baby. Use blue and white as colors for the decoration. 

Nautical Baby Shower Theme

8. Daisy Flower Baby Shower 

Flowers are always welcome in any season of the year but they are even more special in summer, decorate with some cute daisy flowers, and add balloons or banners that match the theme. 


Daisy Baby Shower Theme




9. Dessert  Baby Shower 

If you love sweets as much as I do, this is it!. Make a memorable baby shower with only desserts, decorate with cupcakes and cakes, and add some Badass  Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine to give it more fun. 

Dessert Baby Shower Theme






10. Colours Baby Shower 

Last but not least for this theme experiment with a multicolored decoration and cake.  Get a fun bright decoration and embrace a happy mood. 

Colour Baby Shower Theme


After all this reading what is the theme that fits more with you? Let us know! 

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