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How To Pamper a Badass Dad

Father's Day is around the corner and as every year we are thinking about how to spoil our partner, we search, desperately on the internet looking for a gift and forget that small details can be part of this celebration too!

Here's a little glimpse of how to pamper this person that is part of this beautiful journey called parenting

1. Honor himĀ 

Honor the man who has invested heart and time into the family, let him know who you love him, and include him in the daily activities, in the house and the kids activities even if he doesn't know how to deal with some school stuff, he will learnĀ  like we always do. Don't overestimate him.

Honor Him




2.Make time for your marriageĀ 

When you start a family and have babies, everything changes. To have time to yourself is something that we forget totally to do. That is why it is essential to make some time to have a date now and then where you can share your thoughts.

Date Him

3.Set the toneĀ 

Finally, but not least, always treat him with respect and cherish him. We as moms need to show how important it is to cultivate an environment of honor, love and respectĀ  for our kids.Ā 


Set The Tone Father's Day

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