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5 Apps Every Badass Mom Needs!


Being a millennial mother brings many advantages that in the past we would’nt have been able to enjoy, we are those women who imposed with effort that our task as mothers is as important as any other.

Today badassmomwine brings you a top 5 must-have apps for your cell phone that will make your routine much more bearable, so open your appstore or playstore and start experimenting!


  1. Baby Tracker:

This app is completely free and everything you need to not miss anything important about caring for your baby, what things can you control from there? Here is a list:

- breastfeeding and baby feeding tracker
- newborn feeding
- baby sleep tracker
- baby diaper tracker
- baby care tracker
- newborn baby care
- calendar and notes

Baby tracker app statistics:
- baby feeding
- breastfeeding
- baby sleep and diaper

I’ts very easy to use and extremely friendly with our tight Schedule so you can track every detail in a short time!.


2.The Wonder Weeks

Remember that your baby is not the only one who needs attention and care, there are also you, your body and your mental health. This app will take you to take time for yourself in the day and harmonize your new badassmom routine.

the wonder week 5 apps a bad ass mom needs


Is a revolutionary, step-by-step, completely holistic, and scientifically based recovery program for every woman who has given birth. Whether that is recently or a while ago!

Read all about the changes in your brain, your PowerHouse, your vagina, your hormones, and your mind.

Join in with the workouts that you can simply do at home.

Get unique insights into your body and the effects of your pregnancy by doing the self-tests.

Get to know, train, and maintain your pelvic floor through the BTY Kegel exercises.

Learn all about the impact of diet, rest & relaxation, and posture & breathing on your recovery.


Do not hesitate to give yourself the best gift, taking care for yourself daily, you are just one click away from taking the first step.


 3.Baby Glow

Not only you will be able to take control of your newborn but also be part of a great community of parents who share experiences on a daily basis that could be helpfull for you later.


baby glow 5 apps a bad ass mom needs


Some of its most essential tools are:

+ Timers! Write down your baby's feeding schedule and your baby's sleep Schedule

+ Easily access and control your timers using notifications

+ View full weekly feed diaries and summaries from your baby, activities and milestones

+ One-click PDF summary of all data, (food, sleep, milestones) accessible for the next medical appointment

+ Summary document contains a list of all the achievements and milestones are yet to come

+ Beautiful, interactive growth curves

+ Take your own daily notes on diet, sleep and achievements


4. Sound Sleeper


Probably one of the greatest efforts as mothers is having to interrupt our sleep to care for our babies at night. This app could be the first to get up and try to calm the crying before you have to.

 sound sleeper 5 apps a bad ass mom needs


Some of its features are:


- white noise sounds including fan, vacuum cleaner, rain, womb, and more…
- sound self-activates at first cry – you might not even have to get out of bed to soothe your baby!
- record your own lullabies
- sleep tracking (learn your baby's sleep pattern to help her sleep through the night)

Sound Sleeper is a three-in-one sleep solution for you and your baby that will accompany you from birth to the toddler years. Use Sound Sleeper to put your baby to sleep in minutes with Play Mode, help her stay asleep with Listen Mode, and enable her to develop healthy sleep habits with Sleep Tracking Mode.



Breastfeeding could be messy sometimes, Dairybar is a very simple and friendly app for tracking breast milk storage.Easily inventory your pumped breastmilk in your fridge, freezer or deep freeze. No more guessing about what is currently in your stash.


Dairy Bar 5 Apps a badass mom needs




-Track milk in your fridge, freezer and deep freeze
-Easily see total milk in each storage location
-Calculates how long your milk will last based on your baby's consumption
-Personalize how much your baby is eating by month
-Track in mL or oz
-Add caregivers who can view and edit your stash
-Stores a backup of your milk stash remotely
-Pumping Calculator lets you see how long you'll have to pump



We hope you make a space on your cell phone for a technological aid created exclusively for you. Let us know in comments if you know or use any of them and how it has worked for you to take your motherhood to another level.



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