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How To Do a Spa Day At Home For Moms 

Time at home can be chaotic when you have kids. That is why when you have free time on your calendar, do some treat-yourself treatments!.

 Here we show how easy it can be to do a spa day at home for moms!


1.Turn off the distraction 

Tell your family and colleagues that you are taking a day off. After you leave the kids at school silent on your phone, leave it in another room as far you can. 


Turn Off the phone



2.Set the mood

Get some candles in a safe location, flowers, and incense. Turn low, the lights in the room. Put some slow music.  




We have some lovely candles specially made for a spa day. Check it here 



3.Prepare the bathtub

Get hot water in your bathtub and infused the water with fruits like strawberries. Sweet smells definitely will make you feel like you are in a real spa. 


bath tub



4.Use Comfy clothes 

Get your bathrobe and pull back your hair to start to do your face mask. 



bath robe


5.Do yourself a facial

Finally, Treat-yourself! Give yourself a facial using a facial steamer, facial cleanser, and a facial mask. While you wait for the effects of it, get one sip at a time with our Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White or Rosé. Cheers!



Facial Mask

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