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8 Best Christmas Gifts For Moms 

Last week we did a survey in our Badassmoms community and this is what they say about which are the best Christmas gifts for moms 

Here the selection


Yes, who doesn’t love to have a sweet smell in her house?  Candles can be relaxing and get you the best vibes anytime. 

Candles Non Alcoholic Wine

Holiday Candle Luxury can be for you 

Here where you can find it : Holiday Candle Luxury


Being comfortable is important, what better way than having a pair of good slippers in the house that you can never want to  stop using it. 

Slippers gift for moms


Here where you can find it: NineCiFun Women's Slip



3.Weighted Blanket 

Baby, it’s cold inside… It’s winter we know, this is the best moment to have a warm and comfortable blanket and favorite to use when you are seen that Christmas movies you love with your babies. 


Weighted Blanket

Here where you can find it: Weighted Blanket



4.Hand Cream 

Yes, creams for our hands to keep them soft, winter always dry them out. 


Hand Cream

Here where you can find it: Essential Burts Bees  




I said it before there is no such thing as enough lipsticks, you can always need more.




Here is our suggestions Revlon Super Lutrous Lipstick


6.Air Fryer

Do your best recipes here, anything you can imagine you can do in an air fryer, and the taste is amazing. One of the best inventions today. 

Air Fryer Gifts For moms

Here where you can find it: Air Fryer



7.Audiobook Gift Membership 

Moms are always busy and what a better way to stay updated with everything than have new books in audiobook format, right?


Audiobook Gift For Moms


Here where you can find it: Audiobook gift Membership





Last but not least important! Our Badassmomwine  Non Alcoholic Sparkling White or Non Alcoholic Sparkling Rose to drink it anytime without feeling guilty, and the real taste. 


 Non Alcoholic Wine Sparkling White


Here are our wines: Badassmom Non Alcoholic Sparkling White, Badassmom Non Alcoholic Sparkling Rose 



Don’t know what to drink? Check our blog post about How to make non alcoholic Jello Shots for Badassmoms  

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