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What a Badass Mom Can Do

Since the day we know we are going to be moms everything in our lives changes. Known that we are giving life to this little person that is inside of us is beautiful and overwhelming.

It is like whoa, I have to take care of myself and this other little one that is coming into my life, and starts a lot of questions like: am I going to be a good mom? ,Will my child love me? Am I going to be able to hear this baby if he cries at night?

So many questions go into our heads. Then, the baby arrives and when we see that little face, we are still really scared but we know we are going to be able to give them all they need!

Hopefully, we have so many resources right now available online for us where we can share our thoughts and fears about motherhood. That is why here in BADASSMOM we wanted to start a blog where we can talk about it.

So let’s go!

 Today I wanted to talk about what a badass  mom can do.

We believe that as women we literally can do anything believe me! Even if we want to go to the space, we will do it!




Here 4 thoughts that I believe a badass  mom can do :

A badass mom can manage as much work as she wants


This is possible only if we ask for help. Sometimes, there’s this belief that we have to do everything by ourselves, but No, it’s ok to ask for some help and it’s ok to have help! When we have other ones helping us, we learn that there’s not only one way to do things, there are other ways to do it too.


    A badass mom can get angry and frustrated sometimes


    C’mon, we are humans too! Even though we love so much our babies. Every Now And Then it is overwhelming, we are perfectionists we want everything to be as we have it in our heads, but our babies have their needs too! They just don’t go to bed at 8 pm as we want them to do it. So we have to understand that at times they will want to play a little more.



      A badass mom can have free time


       It is essential to give us a self-time where we can develop any hobbies we used to have before our baby arrived, like for example: go to the movies with our partner, try the new restaurant that opened last month, or hang out with some friends and try a new drink. This is an energy recharge time for us that will give us happiness, which we will share with our babies later.


        And Finally, a badass mom will enjoy this time of her life


        and keep all of the memories that come from this experience called motherhood!



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          What do you think? What are other tips you can say about a badass mom can do? I eager to read you in the comments!


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