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5 ways working moms can balance work and family

5 ways working moms can balance work and family

To be a mom is a full-time job even though people may think is only to take care of the children and that’s it, but that’s not all of the job moms do: Moms have to also take care of their jobs, their houses, their self-time, and their families.

I believe as a woman since we have the capacity to bring life to a beautiful little one, we’ll look to have balance in our jobs and with our families, no matter what, but hey I’m not saying we must do it all at the same time, not at all. That‘s why, here in badassmom wine we have searched for several options to balance work and family, and these are the ones we have tried during motherhood.

#1 Don’t feel guilty

When a working mom has to return to her job after maternity leave, it’s normal to feel guilty due to social pressure. Since it’s common to think women shall stay home after they become mothers, and fathers have to be the ones that provide. But don’t worry this is normal.  Some moms don’t have the option to stay home mom, and other love so much their careers as much as their babies that they don’t want to abandon their professional life.

Try to stay positive in this situation and the contribution you are giving to your family with this decision. We are here also working moms, and every day is increasing the number of women who want to get back to their jobs after they have a baby.

 don't feel guilty about it


#2 Choose appropriate childcare for your baby

Before you get back to your job choose the best childcare for your baby, do a deep search of good childcare centers with some of your mommy friends, and of course the internet!  Believe me, knowing your baby is in good hands will give you confidence in your decisions while in your job.

If you’re looking for nannies, remember always to look for someone with vast experience, that can give you references of her job and if you like her give her some days of trial to see if your baby and she get along.

Finally, if your mom can help you, she can be the best option. Who is going to take care of your baby better than she, right?


#3 Optimize your time

Try to make a calendar where you put a schedule for your job time, family time, and me time. This is very important.  I think this is the key of success to have a balance between your job and family.

When you are with your family try to not have any distraction, for example, if your having a family dinner, don’t allow to have cellphones. This is the moment for everyone in the house to share how was their day and share their thoughts.

optimize your time


#4 Distribute the house activities

Sometimes people say that women have to always be in charge of house activities which is translated as ‘‘we have to do everything’’, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. But that does not have to be the case. Let your partner know you need help, give him some house responsibilities, and this will help both to have more free time in the long- term.

Here I share a table where you can add the activities and the days to do it 


#5 Do activities with your partner

It’s normal that babies became the priority when they arrive in your life. That is why you have to create special dates with your partner. Don’t let the flame go away. At least once a week planned fun activities where you can be alone.




What do you think have you try these ways to balance your job and family time?


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