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5 Holiday self-care tips for moms 


The holiday season is a time that arrives with a lot of stress and pressure on it, especially for moms. Sometimes you want to do everything and truly believe that you are the only one who knows how to run all the errands that come with Christmas.

Here are 5 ideas for Holiday self-care, because you can enjoy this season too!  Don’t worry Mama!

Ask for Help 

We know you want the perfect dinner with your extended family. But it's hard in a house full of kids, with everyone running around, not being able to focus on what they're doing. It's okay if you need to ask someone in your family to stay with you, one day early, to prepare dinner for Christmas Eve.

Ask For help 5 Holiday self-care tips for moms



Learn to say no 

Take care of yourself this holiday season. You don't have to book an activity for every day in December. Say no when you need to say no. Go to the holiday events you truly want to go to.


Say no 5 Holiday self-care tips for moms



Decorate as you want

Don’t feel the pressure to decorate your house like the other houses you see around, be authentic, if you only want to do a little decoration, do it. It’s your house, your rules! 

Decoration 5 Holiday self-care tips for moms



Enjoy time with your kids 

It can be easy to forget the importance of enjoying yourself with your kids when you're a working parent, so take some time to remember the simple things. Set aside nights for them, and do some holiday activities together.


Christmas kids 5 Holiday self-care tips for moms

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Badassmomwine 5 Holiday self-care tips for moms

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