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The 5 Best Gifts For Pregnant Women In 2021 

Congratulations to all the pregnant women out there. Bringing this bundle of joy definitely will change your life and we want to be with you in this amazing journey. That is why never is too early to start to think about a holiday gift for a pregnant friend or family. 

We probably get so focused on a gift for the baby’s arrivals that we forget to think about a  gift for the mom-to-be. The gift has to be something this mommy can use right now and also after the baby is born!. It has to be functional, comfortable, and of course cute!  Think about items that she can pamper herself with, like drinks, beauty products, sleep products for that last trimester when it’s really hard to get some, maternity and postpartum comfy clothes, and hangout clothes. And don’t worry about the budget, I got you covered with these items that are under $100 and they have very good reviews!. 

Surely your pregnant friend will love any option you choose.

 1. Skincare products

To to keep the body hydrated in those 9 months.

pregnant cream

Burst Bee Mama Bee Gift from  $21.71 

A 3 Set of cream for legs, belly butter, and lip balm 

Nothing like a good cream for the belly and legs during pregnancy, this gift will make any pregnant women fall in love. 

You can find it here in Amazon 

Also let her know these easy beauty mask she can try any Friday at home 


 2. Comfy Maternity Sleeping Pillow 

During the pregnancy one of the places to be more comfortable is  the bed especially in the last trimester and the last days when the baby is almost here, the lack of sleep is present. 

Comfy Sleeping Pillow

I’m sure a cuddle pillow will be one of those gifts any mom-to-be is going to appreciate having with her. I believe is one of the most considerate and thought out. 

Here the option I have considered 

Cuddle Pillow  from $40 from Poppy a comfy option 

Don't forget also to check and let her know our blog about 5 tips for a better sleep during pregnancy


3.Pregnancy Water Bottle

I have many friends that don’t like to drink water and this is a gift that can be wise if you have that friend that doesn’t drink water also! It’s essential to be hydrated, with this bottle she can track her water consumption and meet her daily goal. 


pregnancy bottle water

One of the best option  Belly Bottle from $20

You can find it on Amazon 

 4. Nursing & Maternity Bra

Nursing bra Badassmom

Thinking about comfort I have heard so many of my friends how hard is to find a good bra and comfy bra during the pregnancy, here you have the best option: Easy to wear, classic, and available in different sizes. 

Here our I'm Badassmom Bra $29.99

Surely this friend is going to love the bra and will be one of that clothes she will use everywhere. 

5. Non Alcoholic Sparkling Bubbles 

For that pregnant friend that misses a glass of wine.  Here are our bubbles, a Sparkling Rose that tastes like the real thing. She will possibly drink it anytime and not feel guilty about it during the pregnancy. The best pamper, she will have. 

Non Alcoholic Sparkling Rose Friends

Here our Non Alcoholic Sparkling Rose $27.50

Finally don't forget if you need some ideas to do mocktails with this gift just look our latest article 5  Fun Non Alcoholic Cocktails To Sip All Fall 




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