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Whether to attend a work meeting, for your day to day at the office or if you just want to look good to go out with your friends, a more chic style is what you would like to have without sacrificing your comfort or you’re baby’s comfort You don't have to abandon your comfortable leggings to look amazing and fashion, here are some ideas of how to elevate your look!

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1. Wearing the right size is crucial to looking good. They should not be too fair if you do not want them to rip or have an “awkward moment”.

how to elevate your leggins, pregnancy leggins look, pregnant woman

2. Blouses are an excellent option to wear with leggings, they will keep you cool this summer and will elevate your style to something a little more formal. Choose light and intense colors for that summer vibe.

how to elevate your leggins, pregnancy leggins look

how to elevate your leggins, pregnancy leggins look, badassmom, badassmomwine

3. Blazers definitely elevate any look, also wear them over a basic shirt or sleeveless top to give you more freshness. Choose it in light colors like white and pastels during the day or play with dark and bright for a night out.

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4. Sandals: This summer you cannot miss comfortable and elegant footwear, flat sandals with special details will complement your outfit.

how to elevate your leggins, pregnancy leggins look , badassmom, badassmomwine

5. Accessories: Last but not least, accessories are the KEY for all kinds of outfits, this time we give you 3 basic accessories to elevate your look.

  • Sunglasses, important for this time of year and necessary to match your role as badassmom 
  • Big summer bag, or if it is the case a fashionable baby bag, a bag has the power to elevate any look, choose a basic color to match your entire summer wardrobe.
  • Earings and Necklaces, these two are quite essential when it comes to raising an outfit, whether they are simple or eye-catching, choose according to your personality, don't forget these two crucial pieces before leaving home.

You are more than ready to continue bringing comfort to your events and special dates, however remember, FEELING GOOD WITH YOURSELF is the most important thing and what is most reflected outside, no matter the layers of clothing that adorn your figure, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE A BADASSMOM!.


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