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Afraid about Motherhood?

There’s a lot of people out there saying they have the key to succeed through Motherhood in all its stages, and there’s others who we think each woman have something as valuable and big to contribute to the world that a guide is not complete enough to define us.

 The best motherhood guide has been written by YOU during your life, every experience is full of learning and you’re a non-ending book of tips and lessons. Of course you’ll need a hand of help!, sometimes a third party advice and someone to cheer you up, but make sure of refusing every malicious or not requested comment.


Feeling scared is completely normal, you are stepping into the unknown, but remember that in a short time it won’t be as unknown as it is right now, like every stage of your life or everything you never thought you would do and did it anyways, you’ll be an expert in your own way, you’ll be the one to give the advices you received before, and most important, you’ll do GREAT, you know why? because there’s not a perfect way to do it.


You’re here today, creating life and giving the best you can, don’t let anyone judge what you do with love intentions, a MOTHER tittle doesn’t make you less human, you have the same rights to fail through the process and most likely pissing off others by doing it at your own way, which is actually the funniest part.

Don't forget about yourself neither how flawless you look in every body shape and remember a BADASS MOM doesn’t care about what others could say, but stands strongly on her believes.

We are here for you every time you need to toast the fears and move on! Now say out loud, #IMABADASSMOM!


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