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We have always carried on us the weight of the looks that permanently judge our body, they invite us to always fit into a sexualized vision of the female figure and to label each piece of our skin calling it "imperfections".

We have spent a lifetime struggling to find our eyes so that we can see ourselves with enough love to stop comparing our bodies to the women imposed on us on a screen. When we finally believe we have found her and decide to walk the path of motherhood, our body becomes a stranger again, in front of the mirror we don’t see the same person that we had learned to accept nine months ago, we believe that we are fine because we don’t have much time to review social networks and compare ourselves with another woman or finally have accepted the daily life of a mother, but ... what if your biggest competition is now yourself?


It took time to understand and assume it, after my first pregnancy I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror with pleasure and with the love with which I used to see myself, I became a number one fan of pajamas and baggy clothes, not because I liked it, but because I didn't I want to see the figure that my pregnancy had left. One day I found myself scrawling through my old social media posts, when I was not yet a mother, when I felt powerfully sexy and used to stole some flirtatious looks, and I felt deeply sad, I became my own enemy and my own point of comparison, I became obsessed with having to see myself as before, with having to return my body to the past and having to look the same way, I was envious of my past self and desperate to go back there again.


However, I wanted to analyze myself more in depth, I also returned to my thoughts of the past and I remembered that at that time I was not happy either, yes, I used to said I loved myself and I did, but nevertheless I wanted look "better", I didn’t appreciate my body as much as that moment when I missed it. Then I understood the following: I HAD A DISTORTIONED IMAGE OF MY BODY and I needed to see myself with loving eyes.Our body doesn’t change, it is the same skin that you have lived in since you were born, the same one that allowed you to give life to a new being, your body has been adapted so that little baby that you love more than yourself could give you so much happiness, It allowed you to be home, to be food, to be warmth and to be a giver of LOVE.Today I want you to look in the mirror and allow your body to continue evolving, to continue adapting to give you more and more life, look at your naked body, you are beautiful, you are SENSUAL, you are LIFE, you are the best version every day. 

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