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As mothers we usually lost ourselves in our daily routine, our kids are now our whole world and our “me time” get lost in other priorities. How can we find ourselves as women between this busy and crazy journey?. We give you five efective alternatives for you to spend daily time with that incredible woman with whom you haven’t talk in a while, yourself.   “COFFEE WITH MY SOUL” We all know how much we enjoy coffee in the morning and HOW MUCH WE NEED IT!, but what if you change the way you enjoy your cup of coffee. Instead of running with it around the house, try to wake up 10 minutes before your regular alarm clock, prepare your coffee as you prefer and start the day listening to a motivanional podcast. This not only is gonna make you feel positive but you will increase your selflove and selfsteem by spending time on yourlself. pvproductions -</a>   GO FOR A 15 MINUTES WALK Going outside can be feel more like a home than  your own  house, this is completely normal specially when your house is related with multiple tasks, homeschool and not a place where you can actually rest. If you have pets, this is the best therapy and even if you don’t have, grab those sneackers, your favorite playlist and run from your house for a while, you will find peace and strength to continue your journey with the best attitude.   bristekjegor -</a> CONNECT WITH WOMEN ONLINE Either a group chat or a fórum, take in mind to join a group full of supportive and empowered mommas just as you. Having the opportunity to share similar experiences and funny stories is gonna fill your heart and make you laugh everyday, remember girls support girls and giving love is the best medicine to your soul.   PREPARE YOUR FAVORITE BREAKFAST TO YOURSELF. Its okay to be selfish sometimes, you already dedícate your life to motherhood, don’t feel bad to not share your favorite breakfast once in a while. Wake up before everyone and prepare to yourself that breakfast that melts you!, enjoy it while watching your favorite tv show.   GROW YOUR OWN PLANT It’s formaly called Horticultural Therapy and relies on plants and gardering to help people battling stress, anxiety, depression and presure. Choose a plant easy to mantain such as lettuce, tomato or mint and dedícate 15 minutes a day to take care of them, watch them grow and let them take away all the bad energies you could have.