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How to Find Harmony Within Motherhood

By Kristine McGlinchey-Yap, Author + Founder of OM Mommas Balance and harmony as a working mom might seem like an illusive concept that is not meant to co-exist, but it’s much simpler than you think. Here are some tips on how to become a master at both while showing up as the powerful woman and mom that you are! Be Mindful We create vision boards and set goals for health, travel, weight loss, business - why not motherhood? Set intentions on how you want to show up daily for yourself and your family. You can also keep reminders posted throughout your office or home to remind you of your vision and the environment that you are cultivating. Infuse positive affirmations and Momtras to your routine throughout the day to give you a boost of confidence and self-love. Some of my favorites are - “I am not perfect and I am not expected to be,” and “I lead a life of purpose.” Set Boundaries     I’m not sure about you, but I'm a recovering people-pleaser and motherhood only heightened the need to be available for everyone at every time. Setting the bar for what you are willing to take on, from who, and how often makes all the difference in your schedule and on your energy levels. First, prioritize what it is you need to feel supported and to be your best and then make space for others from there. Are you saying yes to too much? Well saying no is about to be your new super power! Decide what things truly need your attention in each moment - emails can go unread, texts unanswered if it means more time for self-care or family. Think more “Do Not Disturb” and less “Mom On-Demand.” Plan Ahead   When I start to feel overwhelmed and under supported it’s usually on the occasions that I didn’t create structure in my routine or ask for the help that I needed. Each day is a new opportunity for harmony, you may just have to create it. How can you plan your days in advance to make them easier for you to navigate? This can include meals, calls, resources you’ll need to tackle it all, and even blocking time and/or reminders on your calendar to establish your priorities and stick to your boundaries.  Remember you are not alone. There are support systems all around you including professionals who are ready to help you, you just have to ask! For more resources on your motherhood journey follow OM Mommas on Instagram 


As mothers we usually lost ourselves in our daily routine, our kids are now our whole world and our “me time” get lost in other priorities. How can we find ourselves as women between this busy and crazy journey?. We give you five efective alternatives for you to spend daily...


Today I want you to look in the mirror and allow your body to continue evolving, to continue adapting to give you more and more life, look at your naked body, you are beautiful, you are SENSUAL, you are LIFE, you are the best version every day.

Afraid about Motherhood?

Feeling scared is completely normal, you are stepping into the unknown, but remember that in a short time it won’t be as unknown as it is right now, like every stage of your life or everything you never thought you would do and did it anyways, you’ll be an expert...