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We have been raised with the idea of a mother that risk everything including herlself for their kids, the mother that always put herself last  and although we truly would die for them, not always is completely necesary to forget about yourself to be a "perfect mom".  The "PERFECT MOM" doesn't exist, those who share only their victories in social media, also have battles, also fail sometimes, don't compare yourself through a screen, specially if you don't have the full picture, the answers you have been looking for are in between the years of life you have. There are many changes that happen during and after pregnancy, watching your body go through so many changes, taking time off from work or even school to care for your baby, and trying to find time for yourself is a lot to handle, but always remember, YOUR KIDS WANT A HAPPY MOMMA, take a minute to laugh at those things that can seem annoying, running away sometines doesn't make you a cruel mother, it makes you a BADASSMOM! cause between us, WE ALL WANT TO RUN AWAY!.  Here we give you five things to do instead of comparing yourself: 1. Be grateful for what you have: Start your day by taking note of five or more things that you are grateful for, since the most obvious facts such as breathing to the ones that represent a challenge in your life right now. This practice will prepare your mind to accept the day with love and disposition to be in your best attitude. 2. Love your past:  Stop "shoulding" yourself, everything you have lived make you the person you are right now, you have been forming your believes and solid thoughts by every failure and victory, don't even let anyone give you unsolicitated opinions about YOUR OWN fight.  3.Become an ally to yourself: The same flattery you give to your love ones, to your girls friends everytime you see them, give it to you in the mirror, we are use to see our love ones with so much love eyes that we find them always beautiful and that's exactly how we need to look at ourselves, WITH LOVE EYES.  4. Five minutes to self love: Start by giving yourself five minutes a day, five minutes away from everything else, away from social media, you can listen to your favorite song and dance in the bathroom or water your plants and talk to them, whatever gives you a little of joy just for you, do it!.  5. Social media detox: Sometimes is necesary to close social media for a couple of days, not knowing if other person is "doing better than me" will give you peace. Try to choose just ONE DAY at the week to not open any social app and just focus in your own day.